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AG Moodi is a manufacturing atelier whose beating heart is the collective of artisans highly skilled in complex sewing operations. 


Through almost 30 years and three rebrandings AG Moodi has mastered its capabilities in working with high precision products like menswear and merch as well as specialty fabrics like silks. This allows us to make all kinds of products usually unseen in high volume mostly anonymous garment manufacturing. 


AG Moodi specialises in low-volume production to allow a more thoughtful product while cutting down waste and overproduction. Meaning, sustainability is not an afterthought to appease the customer but built into all operations of the company from the get go. 


Should you only have a dream of your own clothing or home goods line but no technical expertise, AG Moodi can help there as well. We offer a full solution service in which our artisans help you through all stages of manufacturing - forming ideas to sketches, sketches to technical solutions, technical solutions to physical products. 


Transparency is the key aspect of true sustainability and we aim to help companies achieve solutions of which they can be proud. We also offer consultations to find and implement solutions that are the most sustainable. 


Modern garment making can be seen as fickle and wasteful but through careful processes and passion for both an excellent product as well as betterment of the industry can lead to beautiful design that makes the planet a better place.

That’s what we aim for. 

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